Bill Tsibidis

Bill Tsibidis was born and raised in Plainview, NY. As he received his degree from Hofstra University, he realized that he wanted more than just a JOB. Bill had his first taste in business when he joined the family restaurant shortly thereafter.  After turning the whole business around and making drastic improvements to the stores, Bill was still hungry and driven to progress in the business world.  Once Bill mastered the restaurant business and quickly turned a few other establishments for a tidy sum he was ready for bigger and bolder moves. That’s when Bill turned his eye to real estate and started building Brown Stones overlooking the NYC skyline. He has expanded his business and his financial growth every step of the way as a challenge to himself. He currently oversees a Venture Capital firm that seeks to find opportunities in Real Estate as well as under capitalized businesses that need funding. When Bill looks at taking over a company he looks to trim fat, spark innovation and focuses on winning.