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Growing up Greek

Being raised in a family not too far off from the one in my Big Fat Greek Wedding, I had the unique experience of enjoying huge family get togethers anchored around the dinner table.  I felt like I was a spectator sitting ring side watching prize fighters going at it.  When you have a Greek family together for any kind of event there are 2 things you look forward to. The first is the food.  You will have Greek Salad with Feta Cheese, Olives, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pastichio, Spinach Pie and Cheese Pies, along with a wide array of meats and then desserts.  The 2nd thing you look forward to was the family fights.  My uncles would argue about politics and just about every other thing going on in the world... it was AWESOME.

It's a shame it seems as if most of America, even my  big fat greek family, has lost touch with having those big meals where the whole world revolved around good food and good old fashion debates.  I guess thats why I take so much pride in my diner.  It seems like a blast from the past when people come in with large groups looking to recreate what they remember growing up. Only this time, they come into my home the Crosstown and I make sure that the quality is just as good as good as mamas food!!!!  I still miss those days watching my uncles Gus and George philosophize over ideas and debate where the best olive oil comes from etc..   I guess that why I have become so committed to my trade because I want families to feel like they're at home when they come through the doors to the Crosstown.